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Large Wedged Side Table


Larger version of the wedged side table. Length: 25", Width: 27", Height 18": Cost for natural: $125, Painted or Stained: $150, Polywood: $150
[Product Details...]

Tall Wedged Side Table (Polywood)


Wedged Side made of Polywood. Many colors available. Length: 25", Width: 27", Height 18":
[Product Details...]

Large Tall Wedged Side Table


Large Tall Wedged Side Table. Dimensions: Height: 37", Width: 27", Length: 25". Natural: $195, Stained or Painted: $225
[Product Details...]

Large Tall Wedged Side Table - Polywood


Tall Side Table Made of Polywood. Maintenance free. Most Island Time products can be made of Polywood. Available in various colors.
[Product Details...]

Round Side Table


Nicely shaped round side table. Goes well with any standard height Island Time chair. Width: 24" Height: 17" Natural: $125, Painted or Stained: $150.
[Product Details...]

5 Foot Dinner Table and Benches

$1 500.00

Dine in style. Table and Benches included in price. Table Edges and benches are curved for extra comfort. $1500 Natural, $1795 Painted or Stained. Price for table only: $895 Natural, $1,050 Painted or Stained.
[Product Details...]

6 Foot Dinner Table and Benches

$1 250.00

Price includes table and 2 benches. Natural: $1250, Painted or Stained: $1495. Price for table only: $850 Natural, $950 painted or stained.
[Product Details...]

8' Picnic Table


Luxury, 8 foot long Picnic Table. Made of 2 inch thick heavy duty cypress lumber. Table top planks: 2x8, seat top planks: 2x6 lumber. All stainless steel hardware. Price for natural: $995, stained or painted: $1,195.
[Product Details...]

10' Outdoor Dinner Table


Impress dinner guests by dining outdoors in style. Subtle shapes add to the modern, yet traditional look. Matching benches will be available. Natural: $995, Painted or Stained $1,150.
[Product Details...]

Fish Table


Fun fish shaped table. Dimensions: 36"x24", Height: 18". Price for natural: $160 Price for one color paint or stain: $185. Choose your colors! custom art painting available and quoted upon request.
[Product Details...]

Cedar Table


Large Wedged Side Table made of Cedar
[Product Details...]

Tall Cedar Table


Tall wedged side table made of Cedar. Includes marine varnish.
[Product Details...]

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