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Paul and Rene Berube relaxing in their new furniture enjoying a little "Island Time".,


Paul Rene Berube Tampa, Florida




Hi Markus - We LOVE our new high top Adirondack chairs that you made for us! We sit in them on our balcony overlooking the 7th hole of the Isla Del Sol golf course and have a beautiful view of the green. You are very talented! Wish our balcony was bigger so we could buy more!!!

Thanks again,

Kelly & Chuck Mower, Isla Del Sol, Florida







"Life's always better on Island Time!" 

 ~Jim and LeslieParent, St. Pete Beach, Florida





stan_garnett2 "Markus, we've had the two chairs on the left exposed to everything 24/7.for over ten years. They are remarkable.  They are so well made it is amazing.  Every now and then I touch them up, it's not troublesome.  The chairs on the right are the new ones.  The plan is to leave them in natural state. All of our guests really enjoy the chairs, they are really great!."

~Stan and Gloria Garnett, Pass-A-Grille, Florida 





"Dear Markus,

Here's how your chairs look like in Michigan.  We love them and get lots of compliments!"

~Janet Austin

   Jenison, Michigan



"Markus, your chairs are fantastic.  They are so comfortable, they are beautiful, they are artistic and they are a real work of art."

~Gary Krauthamer

   St. Pete Beach, Florida





"Thank you Markus for making these beautiful chairs for me in such great timing so that I can enjoy them with my friends from New York.  I'll be sitting in them watching many sunsets in Pass-A-Grille."

~Betty Stableton

   Pass-A-Grille, Florida





"I ordered these Island Time adirondack chairs online, I just got them delivered today.  Can't wait to use them.  They look great! Thanks Markus"

~Gary Gwynn

   Winter Haven, Florida





"Markus made the best chairs out of Polywood, I have a feeling they will last forever. Island Time chairs are a true definition of island living."

~Chris and Erin Forrey ,

   St. Pete Beach, Florida






"We bought these Island Time Adirondack chairs over ten years ago and they are still in a perfect shape.  It's truly a quality product we recommend."

~Don and Suzy Kaelber,

   St. Pete Beach, Florida





"We love our beautiful Captain's chairs.  Now we can see over the railing...Perfect!  Also, thank you Markus for a timely delivery."

~Jeff and Jane Bonick,

   St. Pete Beach


"Relaxing on my Island Time chairs in Pass-A-Grille.  Doesn't get much better than this! Thanks Markus" 

~Steve Swindal

Pass-A-Grille, Florida





"Absolutely beautiful chairs.  A wonderful service and delivery.  Thank you Markus." 

~Greg Truax

Pass-A-Grille, Florida





"Hi Markus,

I want you to know what a great job you did on the chairs.  They are perfect!!!!  I appreciate you being so patient while I tried to decide size and colors.  I really appreciate you making them so quickly and delivering them.  Our wedding picture is of Kervin and I sitting on the chairs you made. 
I hope you and your family are having a great summer."
~ Robin and Kervin Hartman



"Hi Markus, you made us happy, we love the very comfortable nice looking chairs." 

~Suzanne and Klaus Kabelitz

~Cape Coral, Florida




"The Captains Chair is the best seat in the house, very comfortable for people of all sizes, and a great value. Definitely built to last a lifetime.."


~Jack Saul

Pass-A-Grille, Florida


"Hey Markus, my wife and I spent the day on St. Pete Beach the other day and we sat on your chairs at the Paradise Grille. Then on the way home we drove by your shop. Anyway I got on your website to just check out your work and I was blown away. I just wanted to let you know that I think you are the Jimi Hendrix of outdoor furniture. I build chairs mainly as a hobby.  I just wanted to say WOW, you the man!
~Tim Davis




"Island Time is a great example of a local business providing superior customer service. These stylish chairs are perfect, the height and shape of these offer many hours of comfortable relaxation while viewing the sunsets over the beach."


~Dave and Jill Higgins

Treasure Island



Markus, thank you so much for our wonderful Island Time Adirondack chairs and footstool.  They are a very nice match for our lanai, lanterns, and stoves!


-Bill Ball and Cathy Taulbee

Pinellas Park, Florida



We’re amazed how well our Island Time chairs have lasted and aged.  We bought these chairs over ten years ago and they still look like new.  Bill re-stains the chairs every few years and that’s all there is to it!  Thanks Markus for the quality product!   


-Bill and Joyce Jacobs

St Pete Beach, Florida

laurie_kirbyHi Markus!  We love our Las Palmas Set.  You can see that our squirrel enjoys the chairs as much as we do!
~Laurie and Bob Kirby
Pasadena, Florida


Hi Markus,

~Letitia McGhin


Photo: Gulf of Mexico Sunset




  "Bruce and I love our new Las Palmas chairs.  One of our friends called them stunning and that they are.  You did an amazing job on our parrot chairs too and we are so excited to add these beautiful Las Palmas chairs to our Island Time Collection.  Thanks so much Markus for all of your talent "

Bruce and Heather - Clearwater





"This chair is a great equalizer in the fight against the attitude changes resulting from changes in latitudes - sitting in it on a cold, snowy February nite, enjoying a Frozen Margarita really reminds one of that one particular harbour somewhere.."

~Aape Pohjavirta, Finland




"We enjoy greatly our genuine Floridian chairs at our lakeside summerhouse in Lohja, Finland. The chairs are comfortable, durable and they look fantastic in the long days and light nights of Finland's summer."


Mika Halttunen, Finland




“I just love my mermaid chair!  It is a piece of art that I will treasure forever.  As a songwriter, I sit in my custom-made chair and channel beach images to incorporate into my songs.  The extra wide arms are perfect for jotting down lyrics in my notebook.  I especially love the sexy, goddess mermaid who reminds me to stay in touch with my goddess writer within!  Markus is a true artisan and a real pleasure to work with.”




PS: I am flattered that you named this version for me!!


zillig2 Hey Markus,  We really love our new adirondacks -- they are perfect for the campfire and so very comfortable too! The craftmanship is excellent and we have gotten so many compliments on them already! Thanks again for the beautiful chairs!
Sincerely, The Zilligs
Suwannee River in the background



Markus, Thank you again for the beautiful "Lizards" Adirondack Chairs!  They fit in beautifully in our beach house in the Bahamas.  I'm glad we went with thicker wood, the Bahamas wind can't budge them from our deck area.  Considering we have large lizards all around our property, the Lizards design immediately gives personality to the chairs and makes them a lot of fun!  Thanks again, we'll be back for some additional chairs in the future!

~ Doug Zerbe, Bahamas

That's Atlantic Ocean in the background!




"The chairs are the BOMB. They get as many comments as the view. If you need a reference you can send 'em my way."


~Andy Salisbury

Tierra Verde, Florida




Bob Schrepfer takes a good look at his backyard pool from his new Island Time Lifeguard chair.




Deirdra Lathrop doing  Island Time on her new  rustic Island Time chairs.



"Markus, thanks for your talent.  We'll see you soon"

~ Jack and Linda Dicks

Pass-A-Grille, Florida 




"I always wanted a director's chair...and Markus designed this one from scratch. We needed to upgrade our lobby seating, and this was perfect....the chair and bench are not only comfortable, they're beautiful and sturdy enough to handle the theatre traffic. We'll be getting more soon!"

~ Mike France, Owner

Beach Theatre, St. Pete Beach, FL






"I surprised Mike with these chairs for his birthday and he was THRILLED!  We'd been wanting comfortable weather-hardy chairs we could leave out on the dock for our evening wine and sunsets.  Markus worked with me to custom design the perfect pair - a colorful set of "His and Hers" flip flops and surfboards.  They are so cool that boaters keep slowing down as they pass by for a closer look!".  Thank you, Markus!"
Janice Berner, Tierra Verde, Florida 


saraceno_grand_kidsMel and Maria's Grandkids hanging out at the beach and having too much fun with their new Island Time kiddy chairs!

snowchair"Markus, I just had to send you a photo of our Island Time chair here in snowy Idaho.  We have kept the chair outside all year long, year after year and it is amazing how well it has endured the subfreezing conditions".  The chair truly is a work of art!

~Tim Fitzgibbon 




"Markus worked with us to customize what we wanted into these chairs and the final product was better than expected.  These chairs were our first furniture pieces we've purchaced since moving off our boat onto dry land, and it has made this tough move a little easier.  We spend most of the time eating meals on our deck sitting in these captains' chairs overlooking the water.  They are one of a kind pieces of art and comfortable to boot."

~ Rob and Emily Tutton, Tierra Verde, Florida



Bonnie Graney of Dunedin, FL obviously having fun with her new Macaws chair!


I Broke my back in 1973 and now my quest for  the perfect chair is complete. It even comes with  Captain's beak marks!!

~Frank Gregoire 

katrinaKatrina enjoying her new low rider beach chair in Pass-A-Grille Beach.
"My Grandparents got me this great chair, all I need now is a cold bottle of milk and some beach time as day care is really stressfull." - Zane Hardy





"Markus, I wanted to let you know that the chairs are awesome. They are incredibly comfortable and look great. We have been getting compliments from everyone on their look and feel."

~Paul Kowkabany  


elaine_and_doug_myrback_2"Markus,  we are very happy with our new Island Time chairs that you made. These days it's hard to find products of high quality such as these.  Your pride of crfatsmanship shines through in your work!"

~ Elaine and Doug Myrback, Pass-A-Grille, Florida




"We love the special dining chairs that Markus made for us. They are very comfortable, and are perfect for outdoor entertaining!"


~ Lara and Manuel Valvedre Treasure Island 







Wade and Pam Hamby enjoying

their new Captain's Kahunas in their

Pass-A-Grille Beach house.









Steve and Deborah Schechner got

a new outdoor dinner table

for their son's wedding.











Alan and Becky enjoying afternoon

on their new cabana on the beach.








"Parker has five other chairs but I have to move her Island Time Adirondack chair to the porch, living room, upstairs out to the porch where ever we are sitting, she needs her CHAIR. Got to love the twos." 
~ Jim Berry, Parker's  Daddy"












Dan and Captain admiring

a new house sign.






Bill and Joyce Jacobs were

the first Island Time customers....

And the rest is history!






Linda and George Courier-Seegers are the happy new owners of the Keiki Kala!


"We support the Macaw Program and the Captain of the Beach!  We love your chairs and w/ 9 grandchildren and counting, we will be back!!!"


~Linda Courier Seegers







She gets the Kahuna, he gets the Grande!

Gene and Julie Daglia are taking them

home to Spring Hill, FL!



Everything Markus promises about his quality workmanship and comfort of his Island Time Captain's Kahuna chairs was a lie ... They are far more SUPERIOR!!! A+ All day, Every day!!! 

- Steve Chickos, Palm Harbor, FLA 








"Boy, am I glad that I purchased the chairs, ottoman, and rocker.  Last weekend, I had two parties out by my pool, and everyone just raved about my new furniture.  As soon as one just would get out of a chair, another would jump right in.  What a difference!"

~ Fred Zinober, Palm Harbor, Florida











Dave Feinberg ~ Surf's up

and it's 5 o'clock on the Island!  










 Jackie got a set of Classic chairs

and a side table for her new

home in Vina Del Mar.







Big Steve's pride and joy,

Jetti waking up from a

comfortable afternoon nap. 







"I love my chairs and table! There isn't a person walking by that doesn' t comment on how cute and beachy they are. Believe me, when I am ready to re-do the back patio, I will call you to help with the furniture!!"
-Bonnie Avery,  Sunset Beach, Treasure island, FLA 








Charity and Marty Pozgay ordered 4 Captain's Kahunas that now sit on the deck of their Treasure Island waterfront home overlooking Boca Ciega bay and Treasure Island Causeway.









Deborah Mast and her kitty

lounging in Tierra Verde home.







Sherman Kennedy taking two Grandes to Lakeland, Florida in his trusted Ol’ -91.



We love your chairs!  We’ll be back for more.”

~ Sherman and Susan Kennedy.